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What our Clients say

"We were spending far too much lawyer time on tasks like document review and contract drafting that could be automated. Legal Assist AI has transformed our law firm's efficiency. The AI tackles repetitive legal tasks like review of rental agreements, employment contracts, and discovery documents extremely quickly. This allows our lawyers to focus their efforts on high-value work that really requires human legal skills and judgement. Implementation was smooth and the AI constantly learns the more we use it. I've been very impressed with how much Legal Assist AI has increased our associates' productivity. It's like having an incredibly fast legal assistant working 24/7."

Silviia Garden

Corporate Law
"As a trial lawyer, I need to be able to quickly absorb vast amounts of case evidence and law to build persuasive arguments. Preparing for a trial used to take me weeks of reading through material and painstaking research and writing. Now Legal Assist AI does the heavy lifting for me. I simply provide the relevant case details and documents and the AI generates a concise memo summarizing the important facts, laws, and arguments to incorporate into my trial strategy. This allows me to focus my time on high-level case analysis and crafting compelling legal narratives rather than getting bogged down in details. I've been blown away by the AI's ability to zero in on the essence of complex cases."

Kalila Jacintha

"As a solo practitioner, I was looking for ways to work more efficiently on legal research and document drafting. Legal Assist AI's tools have been an incredible help. The AI quickly digests huge amounts of case law and statutes to find the most relevant information for my cases. This frees up so much time compared to my old manual research methods. I also use the AI to generate first drafts of motions and legal memos that I would have spent hours writing myself. It provides an excellent starting point that I can then customize as needed. I'm able to take on more cases without being overwhelmed. I would absolutely recommend Legal Assist AI to any lawyer looking to maximize their productivity."

Gwen Johnson

Family Law Attorney
"The best customer service I've ever had. The themes and demos are by far the best and most modern around. Not being an IT expert, I naturally had questions about the installation."

Richerd Joseph


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